Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Operation Nice

I love blog-hopping. I'll start on one blog and connect to another blog from the first one, then connect to another from that one, and so forth. It's a blast. A plain and simple blast. An addictive blast at that. I've "met" some really amazing people just from reading their blog. Some seem to be kindred spirits. Others I visit just to see how they decorate their homes. Then there are others that I find by accident that make me want to take a shower. Mostly, though, I just discover really good, decent people. I love it when that happens. Case in point: A few days ago I discovered I don't know who started it. Her name is Melissa and she lives on the east coast. She started the Operation Nice blog back in July, so it's just weeks old. She just posted a little video to announce the winner of a contest she held (no, sad to say, I did not win. Boo-hoo)). If you watch the video, you can gain a sense of how nice she is. To quote the blog,
"Operation NICE was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way."

See the first post here. I like it all. If I could figure out how to get the little Operation Nice icon on my blog, I would. Gotta work on those skills.

Anyway, on this blog you will find stories other people submit about how they experienced an act of "niceness." You'll also find weekly assignments (like "pay someone a compliment). The English teachers at my school would post the word "nice" on the dead-word wall because it is an overused word that students fall back on instead of expanding their vocabulary usage. I believe it might be an overused word for middle school students, but being nice to others is a concept that is underused. We need all the encouragement and reminders we can get.

So Yay! to Operation Nice and to the person who started it.

Nice on, folks! Nice on.!


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Elizabeth Magee said...

I actually found your blog through the contest entries on Operation Nice. Your story about needing a friend brought so many tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing your co-worker did!

In order to spread a little bit of nice, I thought that I could help you add the badge for Operation Nice to your blog. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

After you log into blogger, you should be on the "dashboard." Here you will see the titles of the blogs that you own.
Underneath the blog title there is a "manage" section including: posts, settings, layout. Click on layout.
You will see the set-up of your blog. On the right side you can add boxes to include photos, texts, links, or whatever you want.
Click "add a gadget." Then you can click on the option of text (the plus sign), and paste Melissa's code.

Copy and paste this code, but be sure to remove the stars:

<*div align="center"*><*a href="" target="_blank"*><*img border="0" width="150" src="" height="133"/*><*/a*><*/div*>

Then hit save and you should be good to go! :)