Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy birthday, my friend!

Two things to celebrate today: the birthday of my good friend and the birth of my blog! Two good things---maybe. I texted my friend this morning around 6:00 a.m. "Happy bday! I'm sick-flu." Probably not the best birthday greeting she's ever received. I guess I should have left off the the part about being sick. As Rick Warren would say, "It's not about me." Should have left it off, but I didn't think it was so bad that I would get flat responses from her. Geez, did I make her mad? Do I have the right day? It would be just like me to get the date wrong. Dates just don't seem to stick in my mind until the oddest moments. Paranoia began to set in. I wanted to brighten her day, not start it off wrong. Further prodding revealed it wasn't me (at least, that's my story). My friend, who shall remain nameless today, was lamenting about her purpose and whether or not she is making a difference in anyone's life. She does, in more ways than I can list, but for today, it's a hard thing for her to consider. She'll get out her funk, I know she will. The birthday blues will fade and the sun will shine (and hopefully not give her a migraine). For now, random memories will be my gift to her:
  • "scoopin' poop" on back roads
  • drying you-know-what with the car a/c
  • accidentally locking 5 week old baby in car at a yard sale
  • praying mantis in a parking lot at midnight
  • planting "dandelions" in your father's yard and getting caught
  • "Big age difference!"
  • Secret reconnaissance drive-by's
  • Bubble gum and "Yeah?" at Steak and Shake
  • bad day in Warsaw
  • checking for ticks
  • having children who love each other
  • anything "terrocious"
  • "Leslie28 is a whiner"
  • reading each other's mind and finishing sentences
  • Mancala boards
  • E-coli and meat thermometers
  • goofy husbands with big hearts
  • WD40 is good for warts
So, dear friend, the most wonderful day is wished for you.

And did I tell you, I'm sick today?


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