Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Road With Clella

My dad was discharged from the hospital after being there a week. I had planned over a month ago to take a week to visit him and videotape some stories. His time in the hospital and my need to lay eyes on him caused me to move my plans up by a week and extend my stay to two weeks. It's a long drive from Bremen, IN to Sanford, ME and a travelling companion is always a treat.

Enter Clella. She'll be 82 on May 1. She is loved by many and adopted by my kids and family. Clella has a daughter who lives in Maine, about a 90 minute drive from my dad. As it turns out, the girl needs her mom right now and Clella is up for the adventure. Clella is usually "up for the adventure," even though her doctor is putting more and more limitations on just what those adventures will be. (That's Clella with me on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic in July 2007).

Clella and I got here around 11:00 pm. We really didn't do too badly, seeing we stopped numerous times for potty breaks, gas-ups and catnaps. We also had two minor glitches--Clella thought we were leaving at 5 pm, not 5 am and needed another hour to get it all together. Could have been worse. I also had to stop by school to get the stupid phone charger which I thought of three, four, maybe five times the day before. (A.D.D. memo: Do it when you think of it). We listened to a book on tape for nine hours-- "Waltzing at the Piggley-Wiggley." I thought it seemed like a light-hearted story which Clella could enjoy. She really did, but I'm not sure if it was the senior-citizens-having-sex segments or the talk of old Big Band songs. When I asked if she was enjoying it, she said, "Yes! I'm reminiscing!" Um, I'm not quite sure if she was talking about the sex or the songs. I was afraid to ask. There are some things I just don't want to know!

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