Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 Random Things

My little friend, Abby, sound board technician extraordinaire, cute-as-a-button girlfriend of Trent, she-who-makes-a-toothpick-seem-obese, recently posted a list of 25 random and simply fascinating facts about herself. I thought I'd give it a shot. You will also find my list random and simply fascinating, I'm sure.

1. I cannot function in clutter. A little bit of clutter and my mind can't concentrate and I become simply overwhelmed. This is a wee bit of a problem because I am a clutter-er extraordinaire. Gah!
2. When I was six, I was in the Alaskan earthquake of 1964. It was a shaking experience. We boiled snow for drinking water and lived on C-rations for several days. Seventh grade students get extra credit from their Science teacher if they interview me about the experience.
3. All my life, I have battled the "priss factor". I am not a priss. Far from it, yet "priss" or "snob" are impressions people form of me before they get to know me. People have frequently told me I am intimidating because I seem to have it all together. HA! If they only knew. I've deduced that this is because I am tall and, when in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, become extremely reserved. Once I'm comfortable though, watch out.
4. I am incredibly honest--honest with my opinion and honest as in I don't lie, cheat, or steal. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell the truth, but I will use great tact (most of the time. Sometimes, there is no way around things but to be extremely direct). I want to be treated the same even if I won't like what you have to say.
5. My first memory of going to the emergency room occurred when I was three. I was standing in front of a big picture window eating sunflower seeds. For some reason, I thought it would be very cool if I shoved a sunflower seed up my nose. My mother did not think it was cool. The doctor wasn't too keen on it either.
6. A not-so-nice girl on the yearbook staff of my high school had the phrase "Heard for miles" put under my senior picture in the yearbook. While quite true at times, I resent her action to this day. It doesn't rule my life because I am a grownup afterall. It was just a nasty mean thing and she relished it. I don't get it.
7. My favorite scripture quote of late is: "The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You've got to do both." 1 John 4:21 (The Message). I strive to do better at both.
8. I can't stand when people claim to be a Christian, but don't love their neighbors, or people of color, or people who read a different version of the Bible or gossip or... I just don't get it. See #7.
9. When I was ten, I was devastated by the news that Elvis had gotten married. I really, really thought he was going to wait for me to grow up. It took me days to get over it.
10. I have been on mission trips to the Philippines and the Dominican Republic, Michigan, New Hampshire and Maine. I can wield a hammer and a paint brush and I don't mind being up to my knees in muck.
11. I'm a pastor's wife, but I'm not your typical PW. I will not be put in a box and it is not a two-for-one deal. I serve because I delight in it. I love being a pastor's wife.
12. I had the best parents in the world.
13. I was a tour guide on a lobster boat in southern Maine during college summers. It was a blast. I have also worked in a factory which made machine guns and had to assemble M16 rifles for several weeks. When I was 19, I once modeled in television commercials for a local clothing store. It was okay, but nothing to write home about.
14. The most favorite gift my husband ever gave me was a red hair brush. He's given me some very nice things over the years, but this was my all time favorite.
15. I'd rather feed people than have a big, honking, go-into-debt diamond. I wanted one of those for my 25th wedding anniversary, but there are just too many people in this world to feed to justify that kind of extravagance.
16. My left eye is tri-colored and I love it that way. Yes, I can see out of it.
17. I got my first silver hair when I was fourteen. My hair started turning for good when I was eighteen. When I was 21, women would ask me who my hair dresser was because they wanted their hair frosted like mine. I've never once colored or dyed my hair. It is a gift from my little mum and I like it the way it is.
18. My husband is my best friend.
19. I had two freshmen years of college--the year with a 1.0 GPA and the one when I made the Dean's List. I did graduate with high distinction eventually.
I had a lot of fun both years, I just chose not to study during one of them.
20. "Life is a song, so sing along" is one of my mottos. I will frequently break into song if a word or phrase you say in passing brings a song to mind. Can't help it. I also tend to make up words to songs because I don't pay attention to what is really being sung. My husband calls me "Jingle Jan".
21. I make wicked good chocolate chip cookies.
22. I'm not interested in the condition of your house, your car, your clothes. I am more interested in the condition of your heart.
23. I embarrass myself on a daily basis and have laughed, I mean, lived to tell the story.
24. I have a cat named Genni, short for Genesis. I believe she found us so she could bring us comfort and healing during a very difficult time at the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.
25. I have two amazing kids, the first of whom will be 25 y.o. on March 19.
Holey-moley. How'd she get so old when I'm only 28?

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Dave said...

Wonderful stuff! Thanks for this. Many of these I "just could tell" about you. I am glad you shared these wonderful pieces of "you".