Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big White Marble and Cotton Candy Skies

I woke up earlier than normal this morning when, ahem, somebody got up to go to the bathroom and drew more attention than normal. 4:00am. Wah. I knew I was up for the duration, so there was nothing to do but get up and get to work. My office is a mess anyway and I had tons to do. When I left the house, I backed into our little turn around and was about to pull out of the driveway when I looked up. Against the dark sky, the most beautiful full moon beamed down on me. I had to take time to appreciate it, after all, it won't be back for another month and I might just miss it then. Oh, it was lovely.

My day was crazy hectic. I'm working with a practicum student in school counseling this semester and this was her day to be with me. I'd like to show her a typical day-in-the-life, but there is no such thing. Every day is different and brings great un-expectations. The adrenaline flows and I love it and wouldn't have it any other way, but it is anything but typical. Some days, I put on bandaids. Other days, I'm doing open heart surgery. This was a bandaid kind of day and I think I went through at least a figurative box. Keeps the blood flowing though.

We continued our Operation Nice project for the month. Today's assignment---be on time to class. I'm sure it received a collective groan when it was pulled out of the fishbowl this morning. Yesterday's assignment was "Give somebody a 'prop' today---tell them "Good job!" I got a lot of thumbs-up and "Good job, Ms. D-M!" in the halls yesterday. The smiles on their faces and the pleasure they got from the act was priceless. I just love it. One thing I love is that the kids taking the most risks with these "assignments" are the kids that I most hope to reach--you know, the ones most at risk. THAT makes it a joy.

We also had our annual fundraiser for "Hats for Hounds Day". What's that you ask? Well, kids pay a quarter, get their hand stamped and get to wear a hat in school for the day. We usually raise about $400 and all the proceeds go to Indiana Task Force 1 Canine Urban Rescue Team. This is a volunteer organization that trains search and rescue dogs. Some of their dogs have been deployed for the 9/11 tragedy and after Hurricane Katrina. Our county has been hardest hit in the country with unemployment (yes, we are neighbors to Elkhart where President Obama spoke on Monday). Anyway, our collection was much smaller this year. I was kind of bummed about the participation today, but I had to put it into perspective.

Then I had to deal with manipulating the schedules of ten girls who are giving their teachers fits just because of all the Girl Drama they stir up every day. I spent about two hours after school just doing that . Crazy. Was running late and had to hurry home to try to make a book study at church over William P. Young's The Shack. I was dead tired and really wanted to go home and just go to bed. I'm glad I went. We had a good crowd and the discussion was thought-provoking. Great to hear different interpretations and insights of those there. When I arrived, sandwich in hand, package of Oreos in my arms, I made a comment about having worked so late. I didn't mean it as a lament, just a statement of fact, but a newcomer sitting next to me said, "At least you have a job." That gave me pause. I was not in any way offended, but it did make me stop and think, "Yup. Be grateful" and be careful what you say. Times are tough.

I was tired after work. I was tired before I left for work because I got up so early. The day was busy, I just wanted to snap my fingers, twiggle my nose and be home. But if I'd slept in, I never would have seen that moon. And though my day was long and exhausting, I still have a job, a job I love. And had I not worked for two hours on those ten schedules, I never would have seen the cotton candy sky of pink, blue and white wisps of clouds that led the way home.

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Dave said...

I love the "give someone a prop today" operation nice. I know that my guitar boy does this on a constant basis with his mates. It would be wonderful if we all did it daily, would it not?