Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Girl Got A Job!

This roller coast called "Life" can really s-u-c-k (I hate that word) sometimes. The prospects for teaching positions in our area of Indiana have been few to none this summer. That does not bode well for all those graduates excited to put their long-sought skills to practice. Needless to say, it's been a disappointing summer for Jordan. Interviews for two positions did not bear fruit for Jordan. So, her plan was to be a substitute and keep her serving job for the year. Last week, she sent out about 31 resumes---to all schools in the South Bend school corporation. Come Friday, she gets invited to interview for a paraprofessional position (fancy name for teacher's aide). Not what she was hoping for, but a foot in the door of education nonetheless. So she psyched herself up for the challenge and waited for the interview on Monday afternoon. Just after she jumps out of the shower, she gets a call from the principal she was to meet with. It seems that "the PERFECT candidate" walked in the door that morning and was hired on the spot. Enter the word "That sucks". A roller coast of emotions ensued. Being in the middle of 400 sixth graders in the cafeteria did not allow me to be a very compassionate and present ear. My stomach and heart hurt for my girl.

Two hours later, I get this text---"I got a job!" I am so confused, so I call. It seems the teacher she student taught with talked to a principal in South Bend who had a part-time position open. He calls her yesterday and she goes right in to see what he has to say and is offered the job on the spot. It's only a 40% position, but It. Is. A. Teaching. Job. Halleluia, praise Jesus, Glory be to God!! Yippee-ai-cai-yay!!! She gets a real contract, gets on the ladder for seniority and will be one of the first in line next year for any positions that come open.

So when does she start? Last night! She attended the open house and met the kiddoes She is job-sharing with another teacher and will teach math and Social Studies to ENL 2nd graders. Today was her first day. She's thrilled.

So am I. She's worked hard to get to this point.

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AMEN and Praise Jesus!

Congratulations Jordan!