Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Year's Eve

I am a happy camper. I am a happy camper. I am happy, happy, happy!

I just booked five flights to Munich.

Jim and I are taking the kids to Germany to show them all the spots I visited on my trek to walk in the steps of my father during WWII.

I can't wait to show them the door

and have one of these with them.

And maybe they'll get to meet these guys.


at their table reserved ("stammtisch") at 3 pm (ab 15 Uhr)...

and see the real Cinderella's castle, otherwise known as Neuschwanstein

...and meet the Night Watchman ...

...and walk the streets that (I swear!) Shrek must have walked in Rothenburg ob de Tauber

Ich bin excited!!


I am Barking Mad said...

I'm so envious.

Be sure and take LOTS of pictures.

Dave said...

Anybody around?
You must be getting like me and posting once a month.
Just wanted to say hello!And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (this Monday)