Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday Fave's

In my blog-hopping craze last week, I came across one woman who always posts a Friday's Favorite Five. She lists five of her favorite things from the week. I liked that idea, so I'd like to try to duplicate it. I was going to start last week, but the days ran away with me and it was no longer Friday. Something about breaking the rules stopped me from doing it anyway. What a dork. And here it is Saturday morning of the second week and I still haven't done it. Gah! My excuse is that we had company arrive from Massachusetts last night and I was getting the house and beds ready. So, if I hold myself to posting this on Fridays, I may never get started. Silly girl, I can break my own rules, can't I?

So here goes, my Friday Fave's on a Saturday. And I'm even breaking another rule--- some of these things happened last week. HA! Living on the edge, aren't I? What a dork.

1) Spending two days visiting my boy, Dylan, in Indianapolis over my school's fall break. I enjoyed seeing his apartment for the first time and I got to meet his new pup, Swazey. Yes, I got a major crush on her. Wish I'd had my camera, but Jim had it with him in Arizona. Dylan took me to his Thursday night Bible Study with all his friends which always ends with everybody watching "The Office." We went to IUPUI to see what he had to do to re-enroll for the spring semester, did a little shopping and went out to eat at Piper's, the restaurant where he is wait staff on Friday nights. His girlfriend's parents own it. It is always a treat to hang with Dylan. He loves his mom and doesn't mind hanging out with her. What a good guy.
2) Ripping out the paneling around our fireplace and pulling out the carpet, padding, baseboards, and nailboards around the edges. This means our renovation project is really going to happen. Now, if I can just get up the courage to ask my friend, Fred, if he's willing to build the island cabinets for me. (I hope he says yes or I've got a little problema).
3) Jim getting home from Arizona. It was a long and lonely week without him. It was a longer and emotionally arduous week for him as he dealt with his mom's declining health and death.
4) Beautiful, gorgeous breath-taking sunsets and sunrises. I love the indigo-violet-blue-red-pink-orange-yellow that fills the skyline as the day turns to night and vice-versa.
5) Friends who visit from Massachusetts. A long time ago, Jim and I met Harriet and her then-husband, Arlen, when we lived in MA. Our kids were close in age and we all became fast friends. We spent much time together camping, eating, and visiting even after we had moved to Maine. When I had to make the weekly four-hour drive to MA while I finished my Masters degree, Harriet would take care of my children while I attended class and studied. I couldn't have completed my degree without their help and support. After our move to Indiana, we spoke maybe once a year, sometimes less. Fast forward fifteen years and I get a phone call early one August day. Their son, Christopher, will be attending the University of Notre Dame---do we live close by? Um, yeah, a 30-minute drive. And so through Christopher, we were able to reconnect. Harriet and Arlen are no longer married, but our home has become their Bed & Breakfast inn when they venture out on alternating weekends to attend the famous ND football extravaganzas. It has been wonderful to reconnect and rekindle our friendship. I love that we are able to repay their kindness so many years later. Christopher will graduate next spring, so our challenge will be to maintain the long-distance relationship. (That's Harriet and Christopher in the picture with a member of the ND Guard. The guard is not allowed to smile while suited up. Or else!).
6) I love fall. (and I broke another rule).

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