Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pandora's Box

I've mentioned before how much I love, love, love to blog-hop. I land on someone's blog (usually one about decorating or just randomness), then I look down their list of blogs which they visit, find a blog name that intrigues me for whatever reason, and with a click! I'm in someone else's world. How I love to visit. I learn about their families, their hopes, their heartbr(aches), their homes. I think I'm what would be called a lurker in most cases. I think that is a person who visits, but does not make their presence known with a comment or such. I think I'm a bit shy when it comes to comments (okay, for those who know me, stop laughing at the word "shy"). When I leave a comment, after all, they can link back to me, for Pete's sake. That means they can read my posts and the insecure little girl inside of me starts to freak and have performance anxiety. For crying out loud, I've only given my blog address to about six people and even though I love them dearly, it still freaks me out. Plus, I'm not really great about posting on a regular basis. Not sure what stops me on that one 'cause I have so many thoughts rattling around my brain at any given moment. Sheesh.

Anyway, that is not the reason for this post's title, although it seems very apropos for the above rambling. This post is just about another thank you I am extending to the blogosphere and, most specifically, to Meg at Whatever. As I hopped this morning, I read one of her posts about many miscellaneous thoughts. She had one sentence that especially caught my eye---
my new favorite pandora station is Adele. (just type in Adele...after you register)

fun music and mostly all clean.....groovin' while i am blogging or cooking.

What the heck is pandora, I wondered. So, again, I clicked. I'm so happy I could cry. It's a FREE music site where you can create your own "radio stations" that play music you like/choose. I never heard of this before, have you? My son has, so that probably means I'm just clueless. This is what you do: 1) register, 2) type in the name of an artist you like, 3) wait. Soon, Pandora will create a radio station of similar artists and music. You can keep or delete the selections she brings to you. The reason I'm so extra delighted today is that I have been lamenting the fact that I don't have enough wonderful Christmas music to play right now. I've been trying to add to my collection, but I'm cheap and the cd's I've purchased don't cut it. I plugged in the name Amy Grant and here I am sitting here right now listening to my heart's content. And better yet is the fact that it is snowing outside. Thank you, Meg. Thank you for your random thought.

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